website in stupid long progress!!


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hi there!! drooling gif welcome to my website,, my honest to god home on the wired. my mind is constantly racing with thoughts,, opinions,, feelings and ideas. i wanna have the oppurtunity to share them somewhere safe... so here we are!

"i like the clutter, the cacophony of thoughts. sometimes it can get a little too loud and i dont remember what i wanted to say?"

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- site looks WAYYY better on computer but if you 're on mobile, i recommend auto rotating your phone horizontal for the best view

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- this site also has autoplaying music in it too!! so if you 're at school or dont want music blasting through your device turn ur stuffs down.

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omggg finally!! im finished (with the homepage) now!! more updates to come of course ^ q ^ (3/8/22)





- make an about page

- make a blogging page

-try and make the site more mobile friendly

-decorate more