im on a (really long) hiatus

i haven't been inspired to continue with this site in a long time, and i dont know when i'll get back into the groove. i definitely have a lot to share here, but im just not ready. so this site will be a blank slate until i gain the motivation and actual passion into making it again. i'll also be removing tags from my site, since i wont be updating and i dont feel comfortable essentially clogging up the tags when im not contributing anything to neocities atm. you may think its not that big of a deal, but it is to me. from what i ve seen, many are uncomfortable of new users not taking web-design, and what neocities cause to the current stale state of the internet, seriously. there are tons of sites that have little to no passion to them what so ever and are only there to fit the quota of 'look ma! i made a website', not actually using the advantages of what html and css have given us since its debut. it gets tiring everyday i feel like, especially when neocities popularity is continuesly rising. its honestly scary. i dont want to be seen as those people. i dont want to contribute to that problem. i want to actually share something that matters to both me and someone else who so happens to find my site, thats what neocities is about. so until i find that passion again, there's no reason why i should clog up tags that people use to find sites that should be giving them exactly what they're looking for.

sincerely, subware

an angry cat on a computer